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Similar to that of a stunt double, a stunt butt is someone who replaces a male porn star when the pounding becomes too intense or a fuck stunt may be too dangerous for the star butt. A stunt butt can be identified by a gaping anal orifice and bruised buttocks. They are willing to take exorbitant amounts of cock to their anus for the greater good of a porno. Stunt butts must continuously adapt to and perform new fuck tricks brought into the porno community.

Stunt butt credo: "Fuck it"
Director: "CUT! O.K. Peter why don't you take five and we'll get the stunt butt in here for the flying sausage dive."
by scrimmy01 June 03, 2009
This condition occurs when a female who is currently on her menstrual cycle, suffers from severe hygiene issues. This leaves a scent of copper which can be smelled without trying. Also, it creates a rust colored lining in the persons underwear, therefor creating the appearance of a copper bottom.
That girl ain't showered in so long that I can smell the wishing well in Rusty Copper bottoms jockeys!
by scrimmy01 June 03, 2009
condition when you have gained so much weight in your face that your neck and your chest become a single unit.
Williams chesck was so big that it looked like a 4lb pack of jimmy dean sausage was stuck to his neck.
by scrimmy01 June 03, 2009

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