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Is a male usually in his teens.
Arrogant, cocky, calls himself 'a lads lad', loves football, drinks on the weekend excess amounts of alcohol, wears clothes from shops run by asians like 'Profile and Image' and likes polo shirts with the collar up.
'Get your tits out for the lads!!'
'c'mon boys lets go down the local and get hammered!'
'i get my clothes from Profile ini, cheap as cider!'
'i aint no spice boy'
by screwyou May 11, 2008
I think u should all GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!! GC rox and I don't care if they "sold out" i liked them before they did and I do now and I don't think they sold out.....just because someone has fans doesn't mean they sold out!!Avril Lavigne is a fake....GC is real...they do what they love so screw you all!!!!!!!!
I think u should all go fuck yourselves and then rape usher.
by screwyou May 25, 2005

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