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Getting cars, machines and electronics etc., to work right after hitting them once.
My tv is blurry again, dang it. Watch me fonz it. I hit it in just the right spot, and presto.
by scrapforce July 31, 2010
a fairly sudden increase in the number of property foreclosures in the same street, neighborhood, city, etc.
Man, our street's now in moreclosure. Damn banks. Damn economy.
by scrapforce July 24, 2010
Short for email, social networking and electronic combined. Implies the speaker is checking several social applications on their smart phone within a short period of time (email, twitter, text messages, yahoo instant messanger, etc.). Used often by ecommerce, eBay and Amazon sellers as they have to check daily and often for email notifications of sales and payments to maintain good customer service.
I'm checkin' my e'. Oh cool, I just sold somethin', 'n mom sent me another photo of my niece. Damn it, work just texted me they don't need me. I needed those hours.
by scrapforce July 24, 2010
Ultra vegan. Eats only raw fruits and vegetables, or a vegan who only eats foods from ecologically sustainable farming. A vegan meal or entree comprised of the same. These foods are more than likely from organic farming, farmed with zero pesticides. A term used in the vegetarian book _The_Kind_Diet_ by Alicia Silverstone.
Today, I'm eating superhero.
by scrapforce July 24, 2010

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