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holy crap yall dont know about the make out hobo! he is a guy who wanders the continental U.S. in his van. the way to greet him is with whiskey and a high five ( for guys) or makeouts(for girls). he is like the bhudda and david lee roth. or la fonz maybe.
i gave the makeout hobo some whiskey and my girlfriend. he liked both.
by scrambled eggs August 20, 2006
jeez. its something you use to hold a hot pan of mac and cheese or somethin.... its not marijuana ralated
i need a pot holder, tim, this pan is hot
by scrambled eggs August 21, 2006
my first car. seriously, my car and others like it are peices of shit.
dude yer rustbucket sucks
by scrambled eggs September 13, 2006
like viva cuerpo but using the word merp.
Man1 wakes up with hangover: owww. viva muerpo
by scrambled eggs August 03, 2006
a food substance that is squishy and if you suck the pudding off of the spoon it makes a humourous noise!
*scflarp* Andrew: yay pudding!
by scrambled eggs July 25, 2006
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