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Santa Clara Punjabs, publicly referred to as "Santa Clara People."

Often said in a deep, manly voice to sound intimidating, when really it's not. Creates joy among other members of SCP, and wreaks havoc on anyone outside of the tight circle of SCP members. Reppin' the 408, breh. Hit us up if you want to know what's poppin' at the nightclubs in Frisco. We'll roll up by your crib on our 22's and cruise down there. We'll be on that shit like our homeboys on some hoes, breh.
SCP Member 1: SCP!
SCP Member 2: Ayyyyyy! Reppin' that 408, brehhhhhhh.

SCP Member 1: Come at me brehhhhhhhh!
Non-SCP Member: WTF, you freak.
SCP Member 1: What you scared for!?
Non-SCP Member: Dude, GTFO.
by scpbitchh October 01, 2010

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