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an ailment, main symptom being unwillingness to get up and do something. can be caused by comfort and lazyness.
i was going to go to the store and buy some eggs but i got a mean case of the slires, so i ended up watching 3 and a half hours of happy days instead.
by scp February 22, 2005
to be slired is to be tired and lazy, most importantly lazy. a person could claim that they are too slired to go play basketball if they are laying on a comfortable couch watching tv, even if they would like to play. it mostly just means that a person is comfortable and unwilling to move.
sam: lets go to albertsons
double: im too slired
max: yeah, we're slired
sam: come on you lazy bastards
double and max: but we're sliiiiiiired
sam: fuck you guys, im leaving
by scp February 19, 2005
"nice" clothing worn by preppy assholes who arent original enough to wear something that all their friends dont wear. kinda like the plague: once one person wears it it catches on and you cant go anywhere without seeing it.
jesse used to be cool, but he started wearing a&f and now he doesnt know how to party
by scp February 19, 2005

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