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An expired pseudonym for Mike Doughty, sole Guardian, and perpetuator of the Small Rock. Was once front man of Soul Coughing.

See also Mike Doughty, M Doughty
I saw Doughty perform "Firetruck" last night, I swear to god my nipples exploded.
by Scott Baio March 23, 2005
Much like an asshat, someone who is a complete idiot with a whole mound of gayness thrown in.
Get your hand off my pubes you faghat!
by scott baio December 28, 2002
Expired pseudonym for Mike Doughty, used commonly when playing his part as the front man of Soul Coughing.
"uhm natin dum M Doughty snark midl-tang"
by Scott Baio March 23, 2005
Incomplete visible exposure of naughty bits.
peeking aereola, small patch of visible pubic hair, scott baio.
by Scott Baio March 23, 2005
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