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An Agricultural based College on the outskirts of Ayr that teaches agriculture, science, sports, tourism, management and outdoor pursuits.

Pronounced "Ock-In-Croove' most students shorten it down to 'Cruive', especially non-Scottish students who usually have trouble with saying it.

Has only one halls of residence, "Wilson Halls" which has 100 rooms and is known for its wildness, late night antics and it's TV room which is the gathering place of most students.

Outsiders consider Cruive students to be constantly drunk, sheep shaggers and are usually found on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at Club De Mar, Madisons or Fury's depending on who is cheapest.
Person 1 - Here comes that lot from Auchincruive College.
Person 2 - Yeah heard they are all sheep shaggers!
#auchincruive #agricultural college #college #ayr #sheep #farming #agriculture #sheep shaggers
by scotiafarmer December 19, 2010
A game in which you sit on your seat (best done with one with wheels) and using a belt, rope or any object with considerable length and throwing it to the next person of the same sex and reeling them in. Object of the game is to reel them in as quickly as possible without the teacher/boss realising they are on the other side of the classroom/office.
Janie "Oy Alan you want a game of Gay Fishing?"
Alan "Sure!"
#gay #fishing. classroom #office #chair #sitting #game #seat
by scotiafarmer December 19, 2010
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