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The act of cruising for sex near a body of water. Gay fishing can be accomplished near fresh or salt water.
Cody's dream is to travel to Cancun, and go gay fishing for at least 8 Mexicans so that he can beat his orgy record of 7 people.

by TheBonafideMan May 27, 2012
A game in which you sit on your seat (best done with one with wheels) and using a belt, rope or any object with considerable length and throwing it to the next person of the same sex and reeling them in. Object of the game is to reel them in as quickly as possible without the teacher/boss realising they are on the other side of the classroom/office.
Janie "Oy Alan you want a game of Gay Fishing?"
Alan "Sure!"
by scotiafarmer December 19, 2010
A term meaning foolish or stupid. A waste of time.
Going to the movies tonight was gay fishing.
by Maria Abbazabba April 11, 2004
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