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When you're cranky because you're tired. Hangriness and tirateness end many a couple's relationship when they go on holiday together or generally spend so much time together that the other becomes the target of anger stemming from biological cycles. While tirate or hangry the afflicted person won't accept the fact that the tantrum is unjustified, so trying to play it down like this, won't usually end well.
- We've been driving for ages now. I get the feeling you don't know the way back to the hotel. My ex had a sense of direction much better than yours. Are you spatially retarded or something?
- C'mon you don't mean that, you're just tirate.
- Are you telling me to shut up? THAT'S how it's gonna be?
by scornflake September 10, 2011
Akin to alien hand syndrome. When your farts don't smell like your own anymore.

Due to social stigma the afflicted will hardly ever come out. For the unafflicted it is hard to imagine the terror of not being able to tolerate one's own farts anymore.
- After I bought some E. coli tablets in a Turkish pharmacy to combat my diarrhea, I developed alien fart syndrome instead.
by scornflake June 11, 2011
talkative folks become stalkative in the social networking era
- Your girlfriend is pretty stalkative. She must've been memorising my facebook page, because she complimented me on my specific tastes.

- Show me pics of the girl you hooked up with last night.
- Sorry, I don't have any and I'm not in a stalkative mood today.
by scornflake September 29, 2008
portmanteau of libido, the sex drive, and dodo, the species famous for dying out
You haven't had sex for five months? Your libidodo must be on the red list by now.
by scornflake July 03, 2011
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