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Used when saying something is cool, however with a hint of Enrique Iglesias in it.
Example 1:
'I'm hitting that dancefloor soon'
'Coolio iglesias'

Example 2:
'This dress is stunning'
'Coolio iglesias'
#enrique #cool #stunning #dancing #dancefloor #hitting #dress #hint
by scoopdapoop June 20, 2011
1. Can be used in secret code for a short man with a bald shiny head

2. Used in conjunction with the word love

3. Used instead of the prefix -ex
1. Person 1: Hiya, whos teaching us today?
Person 2: Oh just the egg

2. 'have you got daaa egg?'

3. 'Yes it was so egghilerating, i just kept reeling off eggxamples which were leaving people really eggcited. rather eggplicit really'
#egg #bald #love #ex #teaching
by scoopdapoop June 20, 2011
The act of casually beeping your horn when you see a bus insight then carrying on as if nothing happened.
sees bus
foot to floor and offffffffffffff
#beep #bus #cya #contantly #duckface
by scoopdapoop March 07, 2011
Short for mongrel. A term usually used to describe someone who goes off with your ex boyfriend the minute you split up. At the same time she is also a 0 rating on the stunning scale and can often look like a ugly dog or horse. The mong also tends to buzz off presents you bought the ex, unknown to her.
How did you break up?
Oh he went off with a mong.
A Mong?
Yes, apparently a dog was let loose out of the kennels.
#mong #break #dog #kennels #off
by scoopdapoop June 19, 2011
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