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It's a radioactive element you dumbass.
by scientist June 24, 2003
An Olympic Qualifying Boxer with four "World Records"; including the infamous Guinness World Record for the "Fastest Punch" and three Record Setter World Records of "The Longest Punch" (10' and 10"), "The Most Speed Bag Punches in a Minute" (581) and "The Most Contact Punches in a Minute" (900, 15 per second)-he is also the writer of "The Tangibility of Nothingness" which is the mathematical equivalence of the "Third Number" in mathematics personified by perpetual non-empty functional sets.
Keith(Fastest Punch)Liddell is an extremely good boxer with a punch measuring over 44 mph, (70.8 kph).
by SCIENTIST March 25, 2013
One who is so dim, he does his best to advertise the fact by choosing online names such as 'Buggerlugs' to describe himself.
Hi, I'm Buggerlugs, and I remain a fuckwit.
by Scientist July 13, 2005
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