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A hypothesis believed by many as the way we came to be as we are.

States that life began in a cell, evolved up the chain and eventually, from ape to man.

Debated by Fundamental Christians and some other religions mainly because of problems finding accurate missing links (many links have been disproved as falsified information.. don't just trust what your science teacher OR sunday school teacher told you.)

Creation- a main alternative to this idea is also a hypothesis, from a scientific standpoint. Unless you can prove something with observations and experimentation, it will ALWAYS be just a theory.
Scientific Method states:

1. collect data
2. form hypothesis
3. make observations/experiment
4. revise hypothesis
5. repeat until you have enough proof to
6. form a theory (generally accepted explanation based on qualitive and quantitive data)
7. after the test of time, it may be judged to be scientific law.
by Science August 27, 2004
The sweetest cool new sound to take over Europe and than Amerika. It is a sleeping giant and the most clever music production companies are masively investing in this beat. Lyrics are simple but with a deep wisdom not easily available to grasp to the shalow brains. the more you listen the more you hear.
ohhhh tiger tiger
do you have some hard cash (not benjamins)
if you have hard cash you will have pretty ladies
no money all you can afford all grandmothers

the lyrics retrospectively very correctly predicted the raise and power of the asian tiger economies ( exmple china) establishment of the new capitalistic structures, the total rule of capital, devaluation of the dollar, and the correct assesment of female phycology. What more a song could deliver
by science April 07, 2005
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