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The act of a man and woman doing a standing 69; and when the standing man finishes he proceeds by grabbing a tight hold on the upside down girl and slamming her head first into the ground causing instant fatality.
Holy shit Greg I totally Canadian tombstoned the shit out of Taylor last night... Yeah I gotta leave town.

Hey Bret! I gave kristina a good old fashioned Canadian tombstone last night... Her parents were pissed. See you at the funeral!

Steven does the Canadian tombstone actually work?

Yeah man, it sure does! It has a 100% fatality rate!
by Schuuuuu April 24, 2014
when a person is laughing for a long period of time and they get strong stabbing pains in their stomach
Kerry: they are in my bread-bin
Lola: what?
Kerry: my bread-bin, duh?
Lola: dont you mean brethrin
Kerry: rofl, my bad
Lola: ~(laughing)~ i have a stomachy :(
by schuuuuu May 10, 2010

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