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The dumbest thing to come out of Disney .If you act like they do in high school musical in high school or even middle school your gonna get shot or something. you don't wanna go " hey batter batter" in the hsm fashion in p.e cause they're gonna throw it at your balls or something when see you dancing like an idiot.
loser #1: hey did you know high school musical 3 is coming out?
loser #2: really?
loser #1: in theaters too.
loser #2: we should be like (name of hsm character)and (name of another hsm character) today
loser #1: okay!!

both losers dance and act gay like hsm that day and end up getting shot by a suicidal nerd who decided to take their lives instead of a teachers and himself because it was so horrible and he was cheered by everyone (that hated high school musical)
by schoolspy September 19, 2007

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