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1. (noun) a young woman, usually under thirty, with the implication that her vagina is excessively small(tight) so that one may "need a shoehorn" to insert anything into it, i.e. a penis, finger, dildo, squash or coke bottle
"Nice...look at that shoehorn sitting over there."
"Laura was a shoehorn; I had to work it for 45 minutes until I could hit it."
by schlitznola May 31, 2009
1. (noun) a pretty, attractive thin girl
2. (adjective) implying thin, attractive or both, sometimes used in conjunction with the noun: gimp or gimpy or as a combination:

*Note: the more a "gimp" is added to the combination, the more attractive the girl is.
"Look at that gimp. "
"Oh yeah, she's a gimp gimp."
"She's looking really gimpy."
"I'd like to nail that gimpy gimp gimp....gimp."*
by schlitznola May 26, 2009

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