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A cross-eyed inbred, who is a waste of space in our society. He is a product of a pitcher of free Nadi light and two cousins going at it in the men's bathroom. He most likely has a goatee, and drives a white pick up truck with the sticker "Captain America" on it. He is a racist and a worthless human being.
Person # 1: Hey, do you know Grant?
Person # 2: Oh the Hillbillie from Bowling Green who smells like goat sex?
Person #1: Yup, thats him, he sure is a Hillbillie!
Person # 2: Yeah, he is also a theif and a liar.
#grant #redneck #captain america #worthless #inbred #ugly #hideous
by scepstei February 28, 2007
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