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Glenn Reynolds, The Tennessee Tapdancer, and the ad hoc leader of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. Supposedly to be a libertarian, but is mostly concerned with the right to rim out the Republican Party. Believes himself to be a law professor, as well as the target of a worldwide conspiracy led by Dan Rather and the French. Nevertheless, he boasts a daily readership in the tens of thousands, who simply can't live without the next "three words and a link special" of which there are upwards of 40 a day.

Some medical experts believe Glenn picked up an exotic brain parasite while scuba diving.
Dude, Instapundit is on a roll. He linked to this movie of people pretending to be drug addicts saying they're liberals, and he said - get this - "Heh. Indeed." And then he linked to the front page of the NYT where they had a big article on Bush's new Attorney General and torture or some bullshit, and there was only a little blurb about the UT College Republicans protesting Michael Moore, and he goes, "Oh, THAT liberal media."
by scarshapedstar November 12, 2004
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