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When a girl's hair is so long that when she is naked, her hair will cover her boobs entirely. Much like in some images of mermaids.
Betty: I have such mermaid hair right now!
Lisa: Dammit, mine's only shoulder-length.
by sc00b July 19, 2009
A common phenomenon one experiences during the first couple of days (or in some cases, months) after attending a Model United Nations (MUN) conference. Somewhat like what an addict goes through during withdrawl.
Leah: Do you remember that one time at NAIMUN (North Atlantic Invitational Model United States) when we were at the Delegate Dance and you looked like a complete psycho?
Clare: Holy shit, yes... but don't talk about NAIMUN I'll relapse into serious MUNdrawl.
by sc00b May 29, 2009
A combination of "slutty" and "guttered". When a person is so fucked up they'll do the original sin with anyone, really.
Mike: Dude, dude... Sheila. Soo sluttered right now.
Frank: I'M ON IT.
by sc00b May 27, 2009

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