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n. (1) One of the best players to ever grace the world of Counter-Strike.

n. (2) To describe someone that is extremely profound and good at Counter-Strike.
Dude, you just pulled a cr0t3x!
WTF? Are you cr0t3x?
by sc February 17, 2005
From the German fahrvergnugen: "enjoyment coming from driving". Popularized by Volkswagen's slogan in the late 80's. "Enjoyment coming from cool music."

by sc April 05, 2003
An adjective describing something pertaining to or being similar to the Patrick Swayze action classic "Road House". Being totally kick-ass.
That fight was very roadhousian.
by SC March 22, 2005
If your lazy, wigs shortens anyone name that starts with a "w"
hey wigs, get over here
by SC September 06, 2003
A dude that is a guy that is sitting in his computer.
I am Corbu Mulak
by SC July 23, 2003
Fooley, Rocky Stallone
Fooley is profoundly retarded.
by SC July 22, 2003
telling someone to hurry or to get going.
Bob you need to boogity boogity!
by SC March 11, 2003

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