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The foam residue after consuming a beer at the bottom of the bottle, can, or cup. Usually in excess after chugging
"He man I totally downed that beer before you!"

"Nah man you got some shit at the bottom!"

"Please, thats just the nigger piss that doesn't count!"
by saveferris199 October 14, 2008
A variation of the stranger. Involves sitting on your dick while erect, or putting an ice pack on your dick, thus, making it numb. then proceed to rub one out while your dick is numb, so you feel as though "a stranger" is performing the deed.
"Last night, i didn't feel like getting my hand numb and doing the stranger, so I decided to sit on my dick instead and do the stranger 2."

"I don't really have the right type of dick for the stanger 2, it hurts too bad to try and fold it over and sit on it, so i stick to the stranger"

by saveferris199 March 08, 2009
1. somebody who is a member of a show choir, since show choir is really gay.
2. A guy in show choir who is obviously gay because he likes to parade around flamboyantly in front of many people, usually smiling like a bitch, and sometimes even wearing makeup. Also usually in the closet.
3. Another word for showchoir
1. Hey look at those showqueer's, their curly hair looks really queer-like.
2. Oh jesus, he's singing with make up on and...oh god he's smiling like a bitch...SHOWQUEER.
3. So how was showqueer this weekend faggot?
by saveferris199 January 24, 2009

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