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a term used to describe one who has just come out of the closet and is gay.
Chelsea: hey Brendan is soooo hot, omg

Lauren: yeah...but he is totally playing for the other team, he's gay

Chelsea: are you kidding me???

Lauren: yeah he's definitely a shortstop
by sauce kid February 22, 2009
whistles on backpacks, specifically those of North Face backpacks, that can be blown in situations of sexual disgust, danger, or discomfort. In addition, the rape whistle is used to intimidate a girl and let her know that she is ugly.
A: Yeah...I had to blow the rape whistle today in school

B: why?

A: I was walking down the hallway and some ugly bitch walked by
by sauce kid February 22, 2009
the kid that constantly bombards you with annoying youtube videos, insisting that you watch
conajjj3243: yo check this out www.youtube.com/http://_rt?

fischkid: ehhh....fine

Cronajjj3243: No man this one is sooooo funny

fischkid: you're being that youtube kid
by sauce kid February 22, 2009
When a group of guys are dissatisfied with the boy to girl ratio at a hang out, they often rationalize by saying they are on the power play.
A: yo...we're workin' with a 5:4 ratio

B: yeah it look likes we're on the power play tonight boy
by sauce kid February 22, 2009
a term used as a synonym for "sleepover".
A: yo Cronin, can we Post Up tonight?

B: aight that's cool, you can Post Up
by sauce kid February 22, 2009
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