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1 definition by sauce^noob

Often, calling someone a douche doesn't seem to be enough to represent their level of douche-baggery, thus the douche scale was invented, so as to quantify one's doucheness. Depending on the area you live in , different things are equivalent to different values on the scale. A basic, point system is used (see example). Usually one is marked on their doucheness out of 100. Keep in mind that those are just guidelines as to point distribution.

Clothing (20 points):
- Popped collar in back but not on sides = 5 douche point
- Popped collar everywhere = 10 douche points
- Polo shirt of an arguably flamboyant color (usually from hollister or a company synonmous with it) = 10 douche points

Behaviour (60 points):
- Talking loud enough so everyone in a 50 foot radius can hear you = 10 douche points
- Talking about oneself chronically = 10 douche points
- Pretending to be a different ethnicity (e.g. wiggers) = 20 douche points
- General douche-baggery(you can choose what this may consist of) = 20 points

Physical Appearance:
- Gelled hair = 10 douche points
- Excessive facial hair = 10 douche points
by sauce^noob January 19, 2009