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bollox chops is a name given to a girl who likes to perform oral sex on men but settles more for testicles than the penis. "bollox" refers to the testicles and chops refers to the lady's mouth.
"how are you fixed there bollox chops.
by satanssnaredrum September 13, 2011
dickin sandwich first came to life in Kildare, Ireland when a man driving a white van, saw a beautiful lady and turned to his work colleague and stated. "She'd get a dickin sandwich". He was referring to putting his penis in her mouth. (in Ireland where "mickey" is the slang word for a penis, dickin sandwich may also be known as a mickey sandwich)
"That girl looks hungry for a dickin Sandwich, i'd say she's suck a golf ball through a garden hose"
by satanssnaredrum September 13, 2011

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