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The puddle of his-n-her goo left on the sheets after fucking. Once dry, it can be peeled off the sheets and eaten like a thin, crispy potato chip.
Ew! Are we having California Potato Chips for breakfast again? I'd better go to the grocery store today.
by Satan October 20, 2003
The art of drinking bruskies really fast. Done by poking a hole in the bottom of a beer then cracking open the top whilst sucking the hole.
Fuckin' Giv'r, shotgun those brews you pussy!
by SATAN March 01, 2005
One who prefers "Negro Male Sex Partners"

Commonly found in jails
That Dinge Queen just had sex with Bubba.
by Satan January 04, 2004
Something that you saw strung along the side of the highway back in the old days. See also 8 track.
"Someone tossed an old cassete out the window and that shit was strung a mile down the road."
by satan January 20, 2003
Ironic, negative or surprising consequence/fact or Catch-22. Unexpected result.

Usually follows a positive statement. Used as bridging statement for dramatic effect, to a negative consequence/statement.

Probably stems from the phrase "you'll be kicking yourself for this one"
Sure, renting an apartment is cheaper and gives you a lot of flexibility to move around, but here's the kicker: with the money threw away renting places for 5-10 years you could have been well into a mortgage and have built up some personal equity, and credit.
by satan November 09, 2003
Random string of words applied to an awkward moment to break silence, or in a moment of increasingly violent conversation to enlighten/cease others.
*Silence in the waiting room*
Person1: "I did NOT get your boyfriend pregnant, Jake!"
Person2: "Lies! ALL LIES!!!"
Person3: "EET MUR CHIKUN!"
Person1&2: "Wtf?"
by Satan November 07, 2003
Someone who thinks their gothic because they wear black lipstic and wear hottopic clothes.
Sk8ErChk: LyKe OmG! HoTtOpIc HaD tHe CuTeSt PaIr Of BoNdAgE pAnTs EvEr! *FaInT*

by Satan October 31, 2003

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