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1. Beverage: The act of dipping a tea bag in and out of hot water in a cup.

2. Sexual Act: The act of dipping balls in and out of another's mouth.

3. Surfing Term: The act of some clueless wanna-be-surfer, sitting out on the swells, but where the conditions are too shit to break actual waves, hence the wanna-be-surfer just bobs up and down on his board on the swells, pretending to wait for a wave to come and surf... but never actually does.
1. "Claire darling, I think the Earl Grey is strong enough... stop tea bagging or we'll miss the Queen's speech!"

2. "Hey I know I've just met you, but I just love Tea Bagging... can we give it a go? I've scrubbed my balls...promise!"

3. 1st surfy chick: "Wow he's a hot surfer!"
2nd surfy chick: "Oh come on! He's not a surfer! Everyone knows he's just out there tea bagging"
1st surfy chick: "Oh Really? Fuck that... let's find a real dude!"
by sassyzen May 12, 2009

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