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3 definitions by sassy sparkle princess

When a individual has an excessive amount of pointless word documents, pictures, etc. saved on their computer that they will never look at
Cyber hoarding is Katie's flaw because she has 2000+ photos on her computer of random stuff like jellyfish and city landscapes.
by sassy sparkle princess November 01, 2010
when a individual continuously contacts you over e-mail, instant message, Facebook, etc. because they think that you will either not get it or not understand the first time
Karen is such a cyber badger, she emailed me to ask if her order went through then two minutes later she asked the same question on my Facebook wall as well as in a message. I did not even have a chance to respond!
by sassy sparkle princess November 12, 2010
When a listener becomes annoyed by the content revolving around the content and/or protagonist of a story, when in fact, they were not an original witness.
I heard a story about how this little punk in my friend's class reminded the teacher to collect the homework. I instantly got secondhand annoyed and wanted to pound his bitch ass.
by Sassy Sparkle Princess February 12, 2013