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2 definitions by sasKuach

Term meaning Rear Wheel Drive, opposite of fwd. Usually results in better weight distribution and improved handling for the vehicle because the whole drivetrain is not cramped towards the front.

Also means that as the vehicle accelerates and the weight shifts to the back, traction improves. Contrast this with fwd where the weight shifts off the front wheels causing spectacular yet idiotic burnouts.
That's a sweet ride.
Yeah, it's got a 350 with a stick and rwd. It'll blow the duct tape off any rice burner.
by sasKuach February 10, 2005
rusty bullethole, brown star, anus, or sphincter. The focal point of the arse cleft. Often used in a sexual manner.
I eat dey dook shute....hey wanna shot from ma flask?
by sasKuach October 13, 2005