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a very blonde girl who actually is pretty because of make up and that calls attention for looking hot in a lot of pink clothes, heels and mini skirts and who is a bit silly sometimes because she cares more about her appearance and then it makes boys think she's incredibly EASY TO GET.
The barbie girl arrives in the mall.
Everyone looks at her.

Rocker girl: Look it's malibu barbie.
Rocker girl 2: Ridiculous.

Little girl: Look that pretty woman!
Little girl 2: I wanna be her!

Any guy: Wow she's hot.
Any guy 2: She may be easy to get.
Any guy 3: Let's go!
by sarita1 March 20, 2006
Girls who usually are mean and are popular because they look good and they like to act cool and they just wear mini skirts and make up, that has a lot of friends and just treat well "good looking" people.
Actually, most of them are always cheerleaders.
Cheerleader popular girls hanging out in hallway.

Popular girl 1: OMG, they're so cute!
Popular girl 2: Yeah, that's true.
Popular girl 3: Agreed!

A nerdy wannabe girl comes.

Nerdy wannabe: Er...I...hi...
Popular girl 3: Oh, don't talk to her, she's ugly!
Popular girl 4: Ew!
Popular girl 1: Ok, loser, get out of here, you're too ugly to talk to us.

Nerdy girl walks away.

A cute girl comes.

Cute girl: Hi.
Popular girl 1: Hey look that pretty girl over there, we have to talk to her because she's cute.

The cheerleaders smiles.

Popular Cheerleaders: Yeah!
by sarita1 March 20, 2006

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