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Childish and immature.
Loves to gossip.
Annoyingly sarcastic at times.
Very dedicated to work.
Has extremely strict parents.
Seems innocent.
Needs to be punished by a motherly figure.
Extremely self-conscious.
Angelic on the outside, but demonic on the inside.
Person1: Hey where's Raeesa?
Person2: She couldn't come.
Person1: Why not?
Person2: Because finals are next week.
Person1: So?
Person2: Hey parents won't let her out until finals are over and she's done studying.
Person1: That sucks! But I still love her.
Person2: Hey she just texted me saying she's gonna hack onto your email and delete all your contacts.
Person1: That demonic little annoyance!
Person2: How did she get your password anyway?
Person1: I HAVE NO IDEA.
by sarhoe December 12, 2010
Cuts class a lot. And I mean A LOT.
Great friend.
Huge jugs.

Loves dirty jokes.
Everyone's hoe (in a good way).
Person1: Damn! where is that hoe?!!/!?!!!?!?!
Person2: You talking about Fairuz?
Person1: Who else would I be talking about?
Person2: Yeah she cut class.
Person1: (-_-)...
Person2: She says she loves you.
Person1: Give her a hug from me via text.
Person2: She said she'll be over tonight to give you a series of muscle contractions...over and over
by sarhoe December 08, 2010
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