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2 definitions by sarcasmspecialist

What was once considered the pottery capital of the world is now a melting pot for that barely surviving industry and the recent influx of drugs, gang violence, and the beloved nuclear waste plant. Located on the banks of the 50% water, 50% toxic waste Ohio River, the small city is home to their very own branch of Kent State University, the Potters football team, and the Poverty Festival, I mean, the Pottery festival.

This is sure to be an odorous stop on anyone's road trip across State Route 7.
In 1990, Martin Sheen and a coalition of environmentalists came to East Liverpool, OH to protest the nuclear waste plant, WTI (Waste Technology Industries) and their polution of the once fresh-water, now sludge-water, Ohio River.
by sarcasmspecialist June 08, 2006
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In the Pennsylvanian vernacular, mayan does not signify an ancient people, but rather the possessive pronoun correctly spelled and pronounced "mine."
"That shirt is mayan"
by sarcasmspecialist June 08, 2006
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