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Dru Wakely is one of the three members of the british band, The Midnight Beast, who was made famous after spoofing Ke$ha's single, Tik Tok.
The other two members are Ashley Horne and Stefan Abingdon.
Dru is normally the one in the songs that's "dad goes off on a cold, Christmas Eve to get some more milk, but he never comes, back and 17 years later finds out he's with a whole, fucking family of some Spanish bitch and he doesn't even, know his fucking name anymore"* and goes on drunken rampages, fucks hoes and scored some drugs.*

He was also in the bands, Clik Clik and Perfect People with Stefan Abingdon.
*reference from their parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha.
**reference from their skit, Walk With Us
Chuck: Dru Wakely is awesomeness, ain't he?
Gabe: Yeah! He scored drugs, bro! He's way cool.
Chuck: You know he's only joking, right?
Gabe: Oh. What about the bit about his dad in Tik Tok?
Chuck: I think that's a joke too... BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER! DRU'S STILL AWESOME!
by saportasuarez April 08, 2010
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