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The act of blowing smoke up someone's ass. From the German word "rauch", meaning smoke, it is nonetheless pronounced as it would be in American English (RAOW-ching). A favorite pastime of would-be high testosterone alpha males, it tends to be found in high abundance at company golf outings and national sales meetings, particularly those in companies where the CEO is male and is himself from a sales background. Seldom practiced by female executives, who tend to be not so insecure, immature, and boorish.
I sat in on the midyear sales meeting to catch up on the 2nd quarter results, but had to leave when the bullshit started to get too thick. I've never seen so many guys standing around and rauching each other in my entire life.
by sans culottes June 10, 2013
The result of using an inside-out plastic bag as a glove to pick up after your dog.
Man, I walked Rufus today after his not having a walk yesterday. After his second stop, we had a good start on a Kentucky Handwarmer.
by sans culottes June 10, 2013
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