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A person who wins by deception, by sharp practice, is a cheat and generally a low-life swindler. Someone who cannot be trusted, particularly at business.
That mate of mine is a complete chiseler. As a friend I invested £10k in his insurance business only to discover it is an illegal pyramid scheme and I've lost the lot.
by sanddevil January 14, 2009
The small area of skin between a woman's cunt and asshole where a guy's balls slap against when he is fucking her
Boy, Mary's biffing plate got a good hammering last night
by sanddevil November 03, 2008
Male ejaculate. Used in a girlfriend / boyfriend context when trying to avoid some of the more coarse definitions such as cum.
Honey - here's a tissue to wipe up your guk
by sanddevil April 22, 2007
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