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1. Hacker of Berkeley UNIX operating system.
2. Someone who wrote a program on their 8088 in college to count how many times the mouse was clicked and then got pissed at thier room mate for 'excessive wear of the input devices'.
3. One who is guilty of skipping school to dial up into that wildcat bbs to play a door game. (ie L.O.R.D., Major Mud, Star Track, Tele-Arena, TradeWars, and Global Wars)
1. Clifford Stoll the most old school Berkeley Unix hacker and aurthor of The Cuckoo's Egg.
2. Old school bought freeware on a 5.25" floopy disk.
3. Was kicked out of school for pron that was printed from a dot matrix but got there player up 3 levels and $5000 gold and that p1mp spell.
by sand_the_computer_hacker November 24, 2003

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