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(noun) An evil government conspiracy created by corporate America to test all students "equally" through standards, when really they are creating a social hierarchy between rich kids who can afford tutors and poor kids who cannot. Though deemed a non-profit organization, they use much of the money from their "tests" to eat $1000 plates New York City. They hire evil masterminds to create tests devoted to ruining high schoolers lives by asking them questions on AP tests not pertaining to anything they have learned that year, or for that matter what pertains to doing well in college. They do not grade their supposed tests, and instead give rich kids the better scores allowing rich america to keep going to Ivy League schools, and the poor kids to community colleges. The rest of us receive scores by which The college board hires a room full of monkeys to throw darts at a dart board, and whatever numbers they hit are the scores you receive in the mail.
"Dude I didn't get accepted into any good colleges!"

"WTF? but you have a 4.0!"

"Yeah but The college Board said i got a 1600 on my SATs, apparently I'm not good enough to go to college"
by samuraichikx June 06, 2009
(noun) A very fun class offered to high school students in which you learn how to create computer programs. You learn how a computer works, and how to tell a computer to make your life easier. You also learn how programmers create video games. Much of the year is spent playing Warcraft III or Starcraft, instead of coding, as most of your classmates have a vast knowledge of Java, C++ and HTML already and just take the class as a break or as college credit. The AP test in computer science consists of meaningless, non-applicable multiple choice questions that account for 50% of your score, while the other 50% actually tests your knowledge of java, but writing prgrams that no one would use in the real world.
"So how's your AP Computer Science class?"

"It's awesome! We didnt do anything all period, we just played Warcraft III"
by samuraichikx June 06, 2009
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