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1 definition by samuel bennett

A derogatory term for females who are bitchy and apt to sleep with anything that walks. Although there has been some speculation that its current form came from the German verb schlundt (similar to the american phrase "to mushroom stamp") the word sklunt is derived from three popular insults; slut, skank, and cunt.

Relatively new to the American vernacular, this phrase is quickly gaining popularity on college campuses nation-wide, and a MTV reality TV show entitled "America's Next Top Sklunt" featuring Paris Hilton is currently under production, with a pilot scheduled to air next fall.
Male 1: "Holy s#*@ dude, I can't believe that (insert female's name here) just slept with the entire hockey team just to get back at me."

Male 2: "Yeah, she sure is a sklunt."
by samuel bennett February 09, 2009