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An island in the Detroit River just far away enough from the city to look nice from afar. The place is mostly Caucasian, as of 2000 there were only 40 African American people out of the almost 11,000 people living there. This does not stop the popularity of rap music among local teens, most of which wear A. Eagle and have cell phones that cost more than Queen Elizabeth's closet. While not all people are vastly wealthy, the majority of them are. Those who are not usually hide it, as the wrong clothes can land you a permanent seat in the bus to outcastdom.
The football team is absolutely terrible, but the cheerleaders aren't bad. The band is actually pretty high class, with a large focus on percussion and trumpet players who've toured Europe. Despite the crappiness of the team, football is Grosse Ile's most attended sporting event by the young population. A popular activity is not watching the game, instead talking loudly on cell phones, pranking concession workers, and making out behind the bleachers.
Though thought to be the safest place in Michigan, Grosse Ile has more Minor in Possession charges than most college fraternities. Pot and heroin are also very common and popular drugs used to the Grosse Ile youth, and the police force knows it. In their spare time, teens hang out around Macomb Street. Typical activities usually include stealing, vandalism, and committing other illegal acts, such as destruction of property or the ever popular "Dine'N'Dash". Chances are that if you're a teen living on Grosse Ile, you or someone you know has been kicked out of a store.
Most of the population is Catholic, or some other division of Christianity, as there are only Christian churches and places of worship, and many people are especially prejudiced against Arabic religions. Gay people and homosexuality are typically outlawed, as well as atheists and those who support them. That being said, not all people are bigots; just a majority. Most people originally from the island, save for those below the poverty line, voted for President Bush in both the 2000 and 2004 elections, though more people sided with Obama in this year's race.
The school system is not criticized, except by those who attend it. Recent lay offs have left many in an uproar, with many of the students' favourite teachers being laid off, whilst the school system has kept some of the most unpopular and unproductive teachers on its board. Students who are deemed to be different, or "Not Normal" are often put in separate classes, isolating them from others whom they might contaminate with their weirdness, or so the thinking goes. Some of the most gifted students have been held back do to failure to apply themselves. Tell me though, if the school cannot meet the child's needs, who is at fault here?

In conclusion, there is no war on Grosse Ile but the class war. Oppression is underplayed by those who are on top, and difference is secluded and vastly outlawed.
"This Spring, a Grosse Ile student was suspended on a claim without evidence. The suspected main reason for this suspension is the fact that the student often stood up against disrespect from teachers."

"Island Fest is coming up, we should leave before the entire town is wasted."

"Have you seen that new kid?"
"Yeah, she's poor, so doesn't belong here in Grosse Ile."
"Like, oh my God, look at that faggot."
"Yeah, what a freaking Jew."
^No joke, I've heard that used as an insult before.
"I bet she can't even afford Guchi!"
"We'll have her puking her guts out at Island Fest, though!"
by sampson117 April 16, 2009

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