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1. Type of people who are extremely intelligent, srtong, muscular and handsome, superior beings.
2. Attempting every sex move ever invented in 3 hours.
1. John is so strong and handsome, he is a yentinite.

2. John and Sally attempted to do every sex move in the book, what yentinites.
by sampson jameson February 12, 2008
sex move with a man and a woman. The guy receives some hand but he is also fingering the woman at the same time.
John fingered sally while she gave him hand, they finger jobed
by sampson jameson February 14, 2008
sex move with two women, you hump one woman and while your dick is exiting her ass, the other one sucks on your dick for that brief amount of time.
john, sally and veronica performed a blow hump, his dick was being sucked while he was cornholing that prostitute.
by sampson jameson February 13, 2008

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