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When one is insanely good at Mario Kart and the only power ups they get are bananas and the little fake power up box things. They are then forced to just drop these items right after they get them forming a BARRICADE of bananas and fake power up things
MAN:I need to stop playing this game. Or at least stop playing on 50cc.

MAN 2:Dude, really stop all your doing is dropping barricades.

MAN 3:Holy CRAP, your barricade got me.

MAN:*sigh* Its an empty win
by sammypp February 19, 2009
When you are drinking something and it shoots out of your nose/other body parts.
Dude, so I was in the basement eating whipped cream and I totally injarted it.
by sammypp February 15, 2009
really really really bad. like a yard sale but worse
"Dude, last night i had the worst time ever. it was delap."

"so basically going at it with your mom?"


by sammypp February 15, 2009
A severe waste of trees.

"Dude, that art project was so book."

"I know right? It was so delap!"
by sammypp February 15, 2009

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