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Someone is pooping in your work boots when he is impeding you from doing your job.

In other words, he's bothering you while you're working or preventing you from doing your job.
FBI Guy: Don't touch anything, no trespassing..until we say so..

Forensics Guy: Man, You're pooping in my work boots!!
by sammyag April 19, 2009
A facebook snitch: Someone who is constantly reporting illegal or copyrighted stuff their friends post on Facebook.
Person 1: Facebook's just disabled access to my videos because of the last copyrighted video I uploaded..

Person 2: Then at least one of your friends is a Fnitch!
by sammyag December 18, 2010
-A unenlightened artist that has never opened a book of history to understand the origins of an "Arab" or "African".

- A unconscious artist who is so frustrated that he's capable of bragging about getting arab money when US is in Crisis

- An ignorant artist that dosn't know that Arabs are not only living in middle east, that they are also Africans...

- An uncultivated that doesn't get the fact that Arabs are not only Muslims, that there are also Christians and Jews (and so) among the Arabic community as well.

- A poor example of Afro American that drives his own fellows (in Africa) and especially the northern part of Africa (where Arab Africans are located) crazy and mad about him as a person and as an artist.

=> Go and see a doctor Busta! and Sue me!

Guy One: Ya heared, arab ppl are rich...US rappers are gettin' money from 'em!

Guy Two: don't be a Busta Rhymes! or Don't start Busta Rhymin'!
by sammyag March 01, 2009
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