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2 definitions by sammy1

A man is teasing and turning on women by wearing tight spandex shorts or tight jeans showing the outline of his penis, and at the same time conversing in risque, sexy conversation with women, knowing that they are checking out the outline of his dick and getting turned on and horny for some cock.
All Bad Ass Wally does all day his hang out on the corner wearing his spandex shorts and engaging in sex talk with all the women who pass by to check out his cock showing through his shorts. Bad ASs Wally loves to spend all day Talking Shit with a Foot Long Dick.
by sammy1 November 17, 2006
41 24
A dude in a disco or night club who's been dancing with a chick and he knows that the pussy for that night is guaranteed. He celebrates this by adding some extra smooth moves and flashy moves to his dance style. He may add more swing or twist to his hip moves, or gyrate more, for example. He knows ths pussy is automatic and guaranteed, and his dance moves send a message to all the losers in the club "You ain't gittin' no pussy tonight"!!!
Bad Ass Wally was in the club Saturday night boogying down with this bad ass bitch with a huge ass and thighs and no panties on. His car is warming up in the lot, and they have plans to go to his pad and fcuk doggy style, monkey style, rat style and sixty-nine. He is celebrating by doing the pussy boogie, and making all the losers in the club jealous and pissed off.
by sammy1 November 17, 2006
28 21