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2 definitions by samebleedingbit

'A weldy' A girl who makes you take a double, then triple take. Someone of great beauty. Might stem from 'wordly', but that won't matter at the time
Watch out!

There's a weldy, at six o'clock
Where, where?

In the blue top and the brown boots...
Oh yeah, I see the weldy
by samebleedingbit February 04, 2011
Not quite a 'total' but someone on the periphery, who you know well enough to use the c-blast in a friendly way.

Total - One of the finer people in life. It comes from not being able to say the affectionate c-word when you want to, in front of other people. So you say 'oh, he's a 'total'
You met Steve yet?

No, is he a total?

No, not quite, he's an absolute.
by samebleedingbit February 04, 2011