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The best fucking film i have ever fucking seen, its so fucking good i have to justify it by swearing so fucking much when im not even fucking defining a fucking swear word, i saw this film last night and it was absa-fuckin-lutely the best film ever made by anyone in the history of the fuckin world, heath ledger rules over every scene that would have otherwise been dominated by christian bale, holy crap some of the scenes were so fuckin exciting i almost pissed my pants. 2 fuckin billion out of 10
"i just cummed"
"why, did u just watch the dark knight"
by sam osborne July 24, 2008
Sequel to the smash hit Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg got fed up of waiting for Michael Crichton to finish writing the book and instead made his film based on shit, thats why the film is aweful and the book is great
The Lost World
who gives a shit if a t-rex devours san diego anyway?
by sam osborne August 17, 2008
A real dirty sexual activity which involves a woman lying on her back while a man or other woman kneels over her and aims their shit into either her mouth or pussy. So called pot luck because of the element of chance involved in actually aiming right
guy 1: dude i pot lucked this girl last night and missed
guy 2: thats sick man, u should be deported
by sam osborne October 23, 2007
where someone becomes frustrated through being inable to use the internet. comes from decombobulation which means "to be frustrated"
"the wireless just froze again, now i cant get my mage up!"
"total decomgoogolation"
by sam osborne September 03, 2008

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