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2 definitions by sam nutt

A festering Testicle. Usually attatched to a dead body, the festicle is symptomised by its green, and somewhat soggy appearance. The festicle may also occur on a living male. Usually after the insertion of testicles into another persons mouth. see teabag.
1.) As i went to pierce guy's scrotum, i realised he had a festicle.

2.) As Guy walked down the street he felt something roll down his leg, and realised his festicle had fallen onto the sidewalk.
by sam nutt April 25, 2007
1)to be degenitalised: to have the testicles removed, either for medical, or personal reasons see he-she

2)to degenitalise: to remove the testicle of another male.

a)andrew wished to become andrea, so he got himself degenitalised.

b)now mr bond, i will degenitalise you. mwah ha ha.
by sam nutt April 25, 2007