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your all idiots, salty dog is slang for a pirate. salty cause they spend a fair amount of time out at sea - salt water, and dog because they are disrespected criminals and to most decent folk are worth about as much as a dog
arrrrrrrgh me hearties
by salty dog January 30, 2005
A lump of doo-doo unexpectedly delivered during a rim job.
I was tossing Big Red's salad when suddenly hit a bonus egg.
by Salty Dog July 31, 2003
Sex camel (n.) Somebody that can go long periods of time without resorting to late night creeps, unsavory bars, and dirty pirate hookers. Although rare, the sex camel does exist. He is usually found doing outdoor activities and taking long cold showers. Often his dreams are sexual in nature. In theory, he is the ideal boyfriend, but in reality, he is just somebody girls use to make assholes mad.
"I tried to wait with her and be a sex camel and it totally backfired. Now she is sleeping with Wes."
by Salty dog October 22, 2013
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