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A delicious cold Turkish drink that is two parts plain yogurt, one part water, and salt to taste. Mmmm.
Smart person 1: Oh man this kebab is great! But I need a drink that would go with this.
Smart person 2: You should drink some AYRAN!
Smart person 1: WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?
by salak June 26, 2006
A kick ass ska band from Turkey. The name is ironic, because Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom. And if you know anything about the Greeks and the Turks, well... yeah.
Even if you aren't Turkish, Athena is a great band to listen to.
by salak June 09, 2005
A girl with dark makeup and hair, contrasted with white face makeup. Often can be mistaken for a guy.
Person 1: That goth dude coming out of Hot Topic smells of onions.
Person 2: No, that's a goth chick.
by Salak July 19, 2005
The most obnoxious article of clothing ever known to mankind. Ugly, with bondage straps, chains, loose, most likely black with some random colored stitching. They're pretty expensive too, at about 60 bucks a pair.
Person: Ahh! That kid is wearing tripp pants! What ever happened to sensibility?
by salak April 08, 2007

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