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1. An affectionate Nothern English word used to describe a friend that fannys on too much before football or going out.

2. That last bit of cock juice that just wont go away.

3. When someone f**ks you over, they've cock snotted you.
1. Anth: 'Alreet Stu, have you seen Harvey around?'

Stu: 'Oh aye , that piece of cock-snot, he was plucking his eye lashes.'

2. Hammel: 'Oh bother, I just got cock snot on my short shorts.'

3. Rob the postie: 'Did you just see marty tell the referee that I s**tted in his coffee?'

Anth: 'Yes .... He completely cock-snotted you Mr postman.'
by safcstu March 22, 2010

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