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The gayest most senceless piece of shit on "television" today
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #1: "Hey! How would you like to slit the throat and fuck the holes of millions of teens all over America!!?"
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #2:"I'd love to! But how can we pull that off again? It seems like we have done that so many times before, i can't see how today's youth will subject themselves to more of our dilapidated excrement we throw at them."
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #1:"Here is my idea. We take a group of the most dim-witted, egomaniacal teens, (who would probably hate us both) put them on the sunny beaches of california, and see what tom-foolery they can get into!"
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #2:"Brilliant! we can call it Laguna Beach!"
by sadmafioso611 September 07, 2005

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