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A late night summon via text messages instead of calling, in order to engage in sexual activities.

Most commonly used when you are very horny and in a situation where you can not use your cell phone to make a call.

Can also be used when you know the other person is busy and unable to pick up the phone thus sending them a sms.
Text message sent at 10:23pm
'omg this family dinner is so boring, I am glad its finishing up soon. It's going to take me 20minutes to get to your place. Can I please come over!'

Text message replied at 10:24pm
'wow thats the first booty text I've received this year'

Scenario 2
Text message sent at 1am
'Hey baby I know your in a club atm, you reckon you can hop over to my place once u've finished partying at the club?'

Text message replied at 1:05am
'i am on my way, you shall booty text no more'
by sadistixx February 16, 2010
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